Our Physicians

The Anesthesia Medical Group Inc. physicians are comprised of highly skilled anesthesiologists with a diversity of clinical training and experience. Our physicians with TAMGI have graduated from residency, fellowship and specialty training programs at leading institutions.  We enjoy working with and providing anesthesia services to the islands of Hawai'i.



Kristin Buehler, M.D.

Curtis Carson, M.D.

Maimona Ghows, M.D.

John Hunter, M.D.

Alpha Riveral, M.D.


Gina Badescu, M.D.

Kevin Burnes, M.D.

Jason Bluth, M.D.

Barbara Coda-Chambers, M.D.

Nicholas Goehner, M.D.

Melanie Hollidge, M.D.

Kevin Kern, M.D.

Kai Matthes, M.D.

Christopher Merritt, M.D.

Kimberly Milhoan, M.D.

Arjun Reddy, M.D.

Jeffrey Rosett, M.D.

Bryan Smith, M.D.

Thomas Spallino, M.D.

Alex Wakshinsky, M.D.

Lance Whitney, M.D.

James Yeskett, M.D.

Big Island

Danny Chaung, D.O.

Frank Hammer, M.D.

Stephen Lazaro, M.D.

Torrey Lynch, M.D.

Julie Soong, M.D.